Skills Guarantee Announcement

The Skills Guarantee has been discontinued.
It will be supported through Dec 31, 2023

TestOut Skills Guarantee
Because We Believe In You
Because We Believe In You
Remarkable Individuals

We believe TestOut Pro Certified students have learned to work in extraordinary ways as they have prepared to pass a Pro Certification. They've had the opportunity to work hard, show their determination and develop an inner drive to become their best. We believe they have the potential to go on to accomplish remarkable things during their careers.

More Than Just a Certificate

Any certification can provide a piece of paper certifying an individual’s accomplishment. But, we wanted to do more to help these remarkable individuals stand out. As we contemplated what else we could do to help our amazing students get employed, we came up with an idea.


The Skills Guarantee

We are so confident in these Pro Certified individuals and the training they have received, that we will back them up with a $1,000 Skills Guarantee.

If any employer finds, after hiring and putting them to work for at least 3 weeks, that they do not possess the IT skills that we have certified under the applicable Pro Certification, then we will pay that company up to $1,000.
Pro Certifications Eligible For The Skills Guarantee
View the complete terms and conditions for employers here.
How Do I Participate?

The Skills Guarantee is FREE to all TestOut academic customers and is easy to qualify for.

Once you pass a Pro Certification exam and receive an endorsement from your instructor, you can download and/or print your Pro Certification and Skills Guarantee to use when applying to jobs and speaking with employers.

Learn how to get access to your Skills Guarantee in LabSim and to see tips on using your Skills Guarantee certificate to help you get a job.
Once your student passes a Pro Certification exam, all you have to do is verify that they have completed the course and that they’re ready for employment. We trust that you have utilized LabSim to teach and prepare your students.

Learn how to access the Skills Guarantee and approve students inside LabSim.

We are confident in TestOut Pro Certified individuals and the skills they have developed through our training and certifications. Learn more about our certifications and see how these individuals can bring value to your organization.

To verify that a potential candidate’s Pro Certification and Skills Guarantee are authentic, email or call 800-877-4889 ext. 275

Need to apply for a Skills Guarantee? View terms and conditions.

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