Digital Literacy Pro

Certification Objectives
Digital Literacy Pro
 Certification Objectives


Internal Devices

  • Install Memory and Storage Devices
  • Select a Motherboard
  • Install Network Adapters
  • Install a Power Supply
  • Build a Computer
  • Install a CPU

Audio and Video

  • Install and Upgrade Video Cards
  • Configure Monitors
  • Install and Upgrade Sound Cards
  • Connect Peripheral Devices

Operating System


  • Explore Windows10UI GUI
  • Windows Update
  • Update Windows Device Drivers
  • Manage Windows Applications

Manage Files and Folders

  • Use Windows File System
  • Use Linux File System


  • Explore iPad UI and Common Settings
  • Use iPad App Store
  • Configure iPad Settings for Apps
  • Use iPad Bluetooth


Keyboarding Skills

  • Practice Keyboard Letters
  • Practice Typing Words
  • Practice Typing Sentences

Common Applications Features

  • Manage Application Files
  • Saving and Printing Files
  • Using Cut, Copy, and Paste

Word Processing

  • Modify Fonts in Documents
  • Format Documents
  • Manage Tables in Documents
  • Manage Images in Documents


  • Explore Worksheet Navigation
  • Spreadsheet Data Entry
  • Using Formulas and Functions
  • Creating Spreadsheet Charts and Tables


  • Manage Slides
  • Insert Tables, Lists, and Images
  • Apply Animations and Transitions
  • Run Slideshows

Email and Calendaring

  • Create and Send Messages
  • Reply to Messages
  • Process Message Images
  • Manage Events

Database Software

  • Manage Data
  • Create Queries


Data Operations and Functions

  • Working with Programs
  • Using Data Operators
  • Working with Functions
  • Working with String Functions & Formatting


  • Using IF Then Else
  • Working with Conditions & Operators


  • Working with While Loops
  • Using For Loops
  • Using Branching Statements


  • Working with Arrays & Lists
  • Working with Arrays & Functions



  • Configure and Use a Wired Network
  • Configure and Use a Wireless Network
  • Configure IP Addresses
  • Connect to a Cellular Network


  • Manage Browsers
  • Evaluate Web Pages
  • Share Files Using OneDrive


Recognize Social Engineering Exploits

  • Evaluate an Email Phishing
  • Evaluate an iMessage Smishing

Basic Security Settings

  • Configure Social Media Privacy Settings
  • Manage Privacy Settings

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