TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel Advanced

Certification Objectives
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel Advanced
 Certification Objectives

Workbooks and Worksheets

Manage workbooks

  • Protect a workbook
  • Set Calculation Options
  • Add authoring languages and proofing
  • Set AutoSave and AutoRecover

Manage worksheets

  • Protect a worksheet
  • Lock or unlock ranges of a protected worksheet
  • Set Edit Ranges
  • Reference data in multiple worksheets

Formatting and Data

Use advanced formatting

  • Manage rules
  • Configure conditional formatting
  • Use Flash Fill
  • Use Fill Series
  • Configure custom date formats
  • Configure custom number and currency formats

Manage data

  • Use data validation
  • Remove duplicates
  • Sort data
  • Analyze and consolidate data
  • Configure subtotals

Functions, Formulas, and Macros

Use advanced functions

  • Use time functions: TODAY(), NOW(), WORKDAY(), WEEKDAY()
  • Use lookup functions: VLOOKUP(), HLOOKUP()
  • Use logical functions: IFS(), AND(), NOT(), OR()
  • Use financial functions: PMT(), NPER()
  • Use math functions: SUMIFS(), AVERAGEIFS()

Define advanced formulas

  • Use nested functions
  • Perform What-If Analysis using Goal Seek and Scenario Manager
  • Troubleshoot formulas

Use macros

  • Create and run macros
  • Set macro security settings

Charts and Tables

Manage Charts

  • Create and modify advanced charts
  • Create and modify PivotCharts

Manage Tables

  • Create and modify PivotTables
  • Uses slicers to filter data

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