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Certification Objectives
IT Fundamentals Pro
 Certification Objectives


Internal Components

  • Explore motherboard components.
  • Install and upgrade components.
  • Troubleshoot components.
  • Clear CMOS settings.

Input & Output

  • Connect proper cables to a computer system.
  • Connect peripherals to a computer system.


  • Install storage media into a computer.
  • Create volumes and format drives.
  • Perform Disk Maintenance.
  • Troubleshoot System Power.



  • Pin and unpin applications to the Start Menu and taskbar.
  • Use Microsoft Word to open, modify and save a document.
  • Use Microsoft PowerPoint to open, modify and run a slide show.
  • Use Microsoft Excel Tables and Charts to analyze data.
  • Troubleshoot applications.


  • Open and print a document from Microsoft Word.
  • Configure local and network printing.

Application Delivery

  • Configure a Windows system for automatic updates.
  • Use Windows Task Manager to manage application startup.

Operating Systems

System Software

  • Change display settings in Windows.
  • Use Windows Device Manager to update drivers.
  • Update and manage BIOS/UEFI settings.
  • Explore operating systems.

File Management

  • Manage files and folders in the Windows file system.
  • Manage file and NTFS permissions.
  • Use command line utilities.
  • Create a virtual machine.


Internet Technologies

  • Use Microsoft Outlook to respond to email.
  • Configure browser privacy and security features.
  • Copy files from the local Windows file system to OneDrive.
  • Configure and manage smart devices.
  • Enable and use a Proxy Server.
  • Clear browser cache.

Network Configuration

  • Use a cable modem to connect to the Internet.
  • Connect to, configure, and use a secure wireless network.
  • Troubleshoot network connections.
  • Install, configure, and manage a network connection.
  • Manage mobile and bluetooth devices.
  • Configure and manage a VPN connection.


Database Access

  • Use Microsoft Access to explore database objects.
  • Use Microsoft Access Reports to Analyze Data.
  • Create database tables using Microsoft Access.
  • Create table relationships using Microsoft Access.

Database Queries

  • Use Microsoft Access to perform basic queries.
  • Write SQL commands to retrieve all data from a table.
  • Write SQL commands to retrieve data matching criteria.
  • Write SQL commands to add and delete records.


Programming Fundamentals

  • Use JavaScript to create an If... Else statement.
  • Use JavaScript to define and call a function.
  • Use JavaScript to create for loop and a while loop.

Web Development

  • Use HTML tags for head, body, ordered list, and unordered list.
  • Use HTML to add headings, images, and hyperlinks to a web page.
  • Use HTML to Link a CSS file to an HTML page.
  • Create CSS Style sheets to add a drop shadow to an element.
  • Create CSS style sheets to resize an image and change a font.
  • Use JavaScript to add functionality to a button on a web page.


Device Security

  • Configure Windows Defender to protect your home computer.
  • Configure Windows Firewall for different networks.
  • Secure a home wireless network.
  • Configure remote wipe on a device.
  • Install and configure a UPS.

Corporate Data Security

  • Configure Windows backup settings.
  • Configure access control and authentication.
  • Configure File Encryption.
  • Configure and restore data using File History.
  • Evaluate possible social engineering exploits.

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