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The Missing Piece of IT Certification

Certifications are supposed to prove to employers that people have desired knowledge and skills. But since most certifications only measure knowledge, how do you prove that you also have skills? This is where we come in.
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Most Advanced IT Skills Assessment

To assess skills, you need more than multiple choice exams. TestOut Pro exams use the most advanced simulation technology to measure the ability of individuals to perform real-world IT tasks. All of our exams are scientifically analyzed and validated. No one does a better job assessing IT skills than the TestOut Certifications.
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Impressive Growth

Since we started our Pro certifications 7 years ago, we've delivered more than 176,000 exams, and...
It was a life changer. With the Linux Pro Certification, I got to work in the video game industry, which was a dream of mine ever since I was a kid, and now I’m working with Cloud infrastructures at Amazon. It’s taken me places I never imagined I could go.
Sean O'Haver
Support Engineer at Amazon Web Services
TestOut Pro Certifications are great certifications. They actually do the best job of assessing real-world skills. That, to me, is credibility. The quality of education at Oregon Tech has shot up significantly since adopting TestOut's training and certification two years go. It has really made a difference.
Kris Rosenberg
IT Program Director at Oregon Institute of Technology
As a recruiter, I need reliable data to verify the technical foundation of a potential employee. TestOut Certifications have consistently delivered skilled candidates for my IT positions for many companies. It has proven time and again to give my candidates the technical knowledge and confidence they need on the job.
Sabrina Pickering
Recruiter at TEKsystems

Get Hired with TestOut Certifications

The greatest value of TestOut Pro Certifications is to help someone market themselves and get a job. We're grateful for the privilege of assisting thousands of TestOut Pro Certified individuals get employed at various companies, big and small, across the IT industry such as:
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