Hybrid Server Pro: Advanced

Certification Objectives
Hybrid Server Pro: Advanced
 Certification Objectives

Hybrid Infrastructure Administration

Perform Administrative Tasks

  • Manage Event Logs
  • Manage Services
  • Collect data with Log Analytics Agents
  • Collect performance counters in Azure
  • Manage Alerts
  • Collect monitoring data from VMs using Azure Diagnostics Extension
  • Collect performance data from VMs using VM Insights

Migrate on-premises to Azure

  • Migrate file shares to Azure
  • Migrate Hyper-V hosts to Azure
  • Migrate virtual machines
  • Migrate virtual machine storage

Secure and Update Windows

Secure Windows

  • Implement exploit mitigation policies
  • Protect systems with Windows Defender for Endpoint
  • Protect applications with Windows Defender Application Control
  • Enable Windows Defender SmartScreen
  • Implement group security policies

Secure Active Directory User Accounts

  • Protect user credentials with Windows Defender Credential Guard
  • Implement password policies
  • Implement password block lists
  • Deploy user rights policies
  • Configure account security policy settings
  • Delegate administrative control
  • Implement authentication policies and silos for administrative accounts

Secure Active Directory Groups

  • Audit group policies
  • Manage Active Directory Administrator security groups

Secure Domain Controllers and VMs

  • Harden domain controllers
  • Use Azure Sential to monitor physical and virtual servers
  • Use Azure Security Center to resolve security issues

Implement storage security

  • Encrypt storage with Windows BitLocker
  • Use Azure Disk Encryption
  • Manage disk encryption keys in an IaaS VM environment

Backup and Disaster Recovery

Backup Windows Servers

  • Use Azure Recovery Services Vault to backup files and folders
  • Create a new backup policy
  • Use the Built-in backup agent to backup Azure VMs
  • Modify a backup policy in Azure Recovery Services Vault

Recover Windows Servers

  • Use Azure Recovery Services Vault to restore files and folders
  • Recover a VM from a snapshot
  • Recover a VM as a new Azure VM
  • Restore a VM from backup
  • Create a recovery plan for Azure
  • Configure on-premises VM for site recovery
  • Configure Azure VM for site recovery
  • Restore objects from the Active Directory Recycle Bin

Replicate Windows Servers

  • Configure VM replication for offsite or an Azure region
  • Configure Hyper-V VM replication
  • Manage a Hyper-V replica server
  • Failover a VM

High Availability and Failover Cluster Management

Configure failover clusters

  • Configure a Network Load Balancing cluster
  • Create a failover cluster
  • Configure a quorum in a failover cluster
  • Setup a Floating IP address for a cluster
  • Add a failover cluster role
  • Configure a failover cluster
  • Create a Scale-Out File Server

Manage failover clusters

  • Manage cluster workload
  • Implement load balancing for a cluster
  • Add storage to a cluster
  • Use Windows Admin Center to manage failover clusters
  • Recover a failed node in the cluster
  • Upgrade the operating system for a node in the cluster
  • Initiate a workload failover
  • Install Windows Updates on nodes in a cluster
  • Configure and manage Storage Spaces Direct

Troubleshoot Windows Servers

Troubleshoot Windows

  • Troubleshoot connectivity in a Hybrid environment
  • Troubleshoot and resolve a boot failure

Troubleshoot Virtual Machines

  • Troubleshoot VM performance
  • Troubleshoot connectivity with VMs

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