Hybrid Server Pro: Core

Certification Objectives
Hybrid Server Pro: Core
 Certification Objectives

Active Directory Domain Services

Manage Active Directory

  • Integrate AD DS, Azure AD, and Azure AD DS
  • Create and delete organizational units (OUs)
  • Create computer accounts
  • Deploy and manage Domain Controllers in Azure
  • Manage a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)
  • Manage sites, subnets, and site links
  • Create forest root, cross-forest, external, shortcut, and realm trusts

Implement user accounts

  • Create user accounts
  • Manage user accounts
  • Configure and manage AD DS passwords
  • Configure user rights
  • Enforce User Account Control (UAC)

Implement groups

  • Create global groups
  • Create a distribution group
  • Change the group scope
  • Implement a group strategy
  • Configure restricted groups
  • Implement Azure AD Connect Cloud Sync
  • Configure intrasite replication
  • Configure intersite replication

Manage Flexible Single-Master Operation (FSMO) roles and global catalog services

  • Configure global catalog servers
  • Transfer RID and PDC masters
  • Transfer infrastructure masters
  • Troubleshoot operations masters
  • Enable Universal Group Membership Caching (UGMC)

Manage Group Policy objects (GPOs)

  • Create and link a GPO
  • Create a starter GPO
  • Implement Group Policy in Azure AD DS
  • Configure a password replication policy

Deploy software using group policy

  • Deploy desktop shortcuts
  • Configure AppLocker

Manage group policies

  • Delegate administrative control
  • Configure power options in a GPO

Manage security policies

  • Configure security options
  • Configure audit policies

Windows Server File and Storage Services

Manage Windows Server

  • Install and Configure the File Server role
  • Add server endpoints
  • Configure and manage Azure Storage Spaces

Implement Azure Arc

  • Use Azure Arc to manage Windows Servers
  • Use Azure Arc to assign an Azure Policy Guest Configuration

Manage Disks and Volumes

  • Create and manage volumes
  • Manage Azure data disks
  • Add Role Services for DFS and create a namespace

Manage Azure Files and Folders

  • Create an Azure storage account and file share
  • Configure Azure File Sync Service
  • Manage Azure Sync Groups
  • Register Azure File Sync servers

Manage Shares, Quotas, Caching, and Permissions

  • Manage SMB share and NTFS permissions
  • Remove inherited permissions
  • Enable quota restrictions
  • Create quota restrictions and modify quota limits
  • Share a folder with a second name
  • Manage share caching
  • Configure share permissions


Manage Virtual Machines

  • Create virtual machines
  • Create virtual hard disks and volumes
  • Create virtual switches
  • Resize Azure virtual machines

Implement a Virtual Environment

  • Manage IaaS Virtual Machines in Azure
  • Configure connections to virtual machines
  • Create parent and child virtual machines

Networking Services

Manage Networking

  • Configure NIC teaming
  • Manage Azure VM network configuration
  • Manage IP Addressing
  • Configure IP addresses
  • Troubleshoot IP configuration
  • Configure Alternate IP Addressing
  • Configure an IPv6 Address

Implement Domain Name System (DNS)

  • Create and configure DNS zones
  • Create and configure DNS records
  • Create or convert an Active Directory-Integrated Zone
  • Configure DNS forwarders
  • Configure DNSSEC
  • Create a Root Zone
  • Troubleshoot DNS records

Install and Configure DHCP

  • Configure a DHCP server and options
  • Configure DHCP scopes and options
  • Configure DHCP exclusions and reservations
  • Set up a DHCP Relay Agent
  • Manage DHCP Failover
  • Troubleshoot DHCP

Manage Remote Access

  • Add the Routing and Remote Access Role
  • Allow Remote Desktop Connections
  • Configure RADIUS
  • Configure a VPN server for remote access

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