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Certification Objectives
Office Pro
 Certification Objectives

Microsoft Word

Create and Manage Documents

  • Create a new blank document
  • Open a downloaded document and enable editing
  • Create a document using a template
  • Enter and delete text in a document
  • Copy and cut text to the Clipboard
  • Paste formatted and unformatted text
  • Open and Close a document

Managing and Printing Documents

  • Save a document in various formats
  • Print to a default or non-default printer

Modify Fonts

  • Bold, italicize, or underline a selection of text
  • Modify the case of a word
  • Change the font, font size, or color of selected text
  • Apply a superscript and subscript

Format Paragraphs

  • Align to the left, right, or center of the page
  • Show and hide formatting symbols
  • Change the line spacing for paragraphs
  • Change the spacing before and after a paragraph
  • Change paragraph indents
  • Apply a border, shading, and shadows
  • Create and customize bulleted and numbered lists

Format Pages

  • Add a watermark to a page
  • Create and format multiple columns
  • Insert and modify tab stops
  • Add dot leaders to tabs
  • Modify page margins
  • Modify page orientation
  • Insert column and page breaks
  • Align text on a page vertically

Edit Documents

  • Search and replace words within a document
  • Use the spelling and grammar checker
  • Use the thesaurus to find synonyms
  • Count the total words and characters in a document
  • Correct errors while typing with AutoCorrect
  • Customize AutoCorrect settings
  • Ignore spelling and grammar suggestions

Insert Illustrations and other Elements

  • Insert a picture from a file and the internet
  • Resize a picture or graphic
  • Move and align an image
  • Modify picture styles
  • Insert a shape
  • Modify text wrap settings

Create and Format Tables

  • Insert a blank table into a document
  • Add or delete columns and rows
  • Split or merge table cells
  • Format table cells
  • Enter or delete table data
  • Apply a table style
  • Align table data

Use Themes, Styles, and Templates

  • Add or remove data in a control field
  • Modify the theme font or color
  • Apply heading styles to paragraphs
  • Change the theme for a document

Manage References

  • Insert a new citation source for a document
  • Edit a citation to add a page number
  • Insert a bibliography to a document
  • Insert a footnote at the bottom of the page
  • Modify footnote number format
  • Modify citation style and data
  • Insert and modify endnotes

Manage Headers, Footers, and Sections

  • Add and remove data in a header or footer
  • Change or restart page numbering
  • Insert or remove headers and footers

Use Track Changes

  • Accept or reject tracked changes
  • Turn off Track Changes
  • Restrict editing

Manage Document protection and accessibility

  • Protect the document with a password
  • Inspect the document for sharing
  • Use the Document Inspector
  • Run the accessibility checker
  • Run and close the compatibility checker
  • Set embed fonts and characters for a document

Microsoft Excel

Create and Manage Workbooks

  • Open a workbook and enable editing
  • Change workbook properties
  • Save a workbook in various formats
  • Rename worksheets
  • Reorder and color worksheet tabs
  • Import data from various formats

Organize and Enter Data

  • Enter worksheet titles
  • Freeze column and row titles and panes
  • Enter or change text and numbers in cells
  • Use the Copy, Cut, and Paste commands on cell ranges
  • Rotate text
  • Insert and delete rows and columns
  • Add and remove worksheet headers and footers
  • Hide and unhide rows and columns
  • Insert new data between rows or columns
  • Move date between worksheets

Change Properties and Print Worksheets

  • Lock and unlock cells
  • Protect worksheets and workbooks from changes
  • Set and clear the print area for a worksheet
  • Change worksheet margins
  • Add print titles
  • Print a particular section of worksheet data
  • Include relevant worksheet properties in a printout

Format Cells

  • Apply font style, size, and color changes to cells
  • Merge and center a range of cells
  • Apply number formatting to cells
  • Enter and format dates
  • Adjust column heights and widths (including AutoFit)
  • Apply borders and border colors
  • Apply the Word Wrap setting

Enter Simple Formulas

  • Copy a formula using the fill handle
  • Sum a column or row using AutoSum
  • Calculate the MAX, MIN, AVERAGE, and MEDIAN of a data set
  • Use arithmetic operations properly in formulas

Use Advanced Functions

  • Enter a formula using absolute references
  • Enter a formula using relative references
  • Use the IF function
  • Correct or ignore error messages as appropriate

Display Data in Charts

  • Select a data source for a chart
  • Create a pie and line charts
  • Move a chart on a worksheet
  • Resize a chart
  • Modify chart style, types, and colors
  • Add and change chart titles
  • Add and remove chart legends
  • Add and remove data labels

Organize Data in Tables

  • Apply table styles
  • Insert table rows and columns
  • Sort a table
  • Apply data bars for conditional formatting
  • Conditionally format cells
  • Add a table header
  • Add banded rows or columns
  • Create and collapse an outline
  • Modify table calculations
  • Create and use a PivotTable
  • Create a report

Microsoft PowerPoint

Create and Manage Presentations

  • Create a presentation using a template
  • Insert or delete slides
  • Reorder slides
  • Duplicate slides
  • Save presentations in various formats
  • Hide slides
  • Add, remove, and rename sections

Format Textual Content

  • Modify a bulleted list style within a placeholder
  • Enter titles and content to a slide
  • Add, delete, or modify text to a shape
  • Apply shape styles to a shape
  • Change fonts and font styles
  • Change font colors and sizes
  • Change line or paragraph spacing
  • Enter, modify, or align text within a placeholder
  • Modify a bulleted list style

Design Slides

  • Change the presentation theme
  • Use theme variants
  • Apply font and color themes
  • Change the size of slides
  • Insert a fill or picture into the slide background
  • Modify background transparency
  • Insert a slide with a particular layout
  • Align, order, and distribute objects

Use the Slide Master

  • Insert a new slide master
  • Insert and modify a slide master layout
  • Modify text placeholders on a slide master
  • Insert a picture or graphic into a slide master
  • Copy and paste slide elements
  • Insert the slide number and date into slide footers
  • Insert and modify the background on a slide master
  • Change color theme on a slide master

Format Illustrations, Tables, and Charts

  • Enter, modify, and remove table data
  • Merge table cells
  • Apply table styles
  • Apply table column and row styles
  • Insert or delete table columns and rows
  • Create a default line chart
  • Enter and remove chart data
  • Apply chart styles
  • Convert a bulleted list into a SmartArt diagram
  • Add and modify SmartArt

Format Pictures and Other Media

  • Add pictures within content placeholders
  • Apply picture styles
  • Change the shape of a picture
  • Format picture borders
  • Insert videos
  • Adjust video brightness and contrast
  • Add and modify video playback options
  • Resize an image or video
  • Search for and add online photos
  • Add a hyperlink to text
  • Adjust image layers

Apply Animations and Transitions

  • Apply, modify, or remove animation effects
  • Modify animation timing
  • Preview or change the sequence of animations
  • Apply or modify slide transitions
  • Modify the duration and timing of transitions

Deliver Presentations

  • Check the spelling in presentations
  • Ignore spell check corrections
  • Deliver a slide show presentation
  • Navigate a slide show in Presenter View
  • Use presentation tools
  • Add headers and footers to notes and handouts
  • Format, preview, and print handouts

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