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In addition to our breakthrough training technology, TestOut sets the 5-star standard when it comes to service, support, and tools to ensure your classroom success.
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5-Star Service
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Instructors and students love that in under two minutes, they can be talking to a member of our friendly Tech Support team, based in Utah state. Our team can get your classes and program up and running by lunchtime. We make every effort to provide everything you need for a smooth implementation.

The Support and Solutions You Need
We onboard and support you with TestOut’s Ten-Point Touch Solutions.
10 Point Touch Solutions
Onboarding Interview & Planning
Course & Assessment Design
Exam Objective Mapping
1-on-1 & Group LabSim Training
Online, Hybrid,
& Traditional Classroom Tips
Student Data Analysis
Lesson Plans, Course Outlines, & Classroom Activities
Video/Text Tutorials for Educators & Students
Instructor Resource Center
And many more!
These services
are always complimentary.
LMS Integration
Connect TestOut with Your LMS
TestOut’s API enables you to increase productivity by integrating class and individual performance outcomes directly into your LMS.
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Connect TestOut to your LMS
5-Star Service
Like any exceptional 5-star service we are here for you and do all we can to help you be successful
Gold Star
We pick up the phone
Gold Star
We respond to email in a timely manner
Gold Star
Customer success team
Gold Star
Implementation team
Gold Star
Treat you like family
Without exception, the best support is at TestOut! The TestOut team is always very professional and goes over and above to ensure our issues are resolved.”
Instructor Brett Eisenman
Brett Eisenman
Department Chair, Cyber Security Networking
Administration at Butler Community College
Your Toolbox
for Success
Whether you teach in-person or online classes, we have the tools and the team to help you get up and running in no time.
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To LMS or not to LMS
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Getting Started with LabSim & LMS    Learn More >
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To LMS or not to LMS
Click to Show LMS Steps
Getting Started with LabSim & create your class    Learn More >
Step-by-Step Guides & Tutorials    Learn More >
Get Technical Support & FAQ’s    Learn More >
ClockLess Than 1 Hour
*if you are using Canvas, BlackBoard, or D2L/BrightSpace
Over 80% of new users are up and running in 1 hour or less. This includes training and set-up.

Experience how TestOut can build your implementation roadmap.
More Helpful Instructor Tools
Each of these resources will help you utilize TestOut courses in the best way to help you and your students.
Pacing Guide
Pacing Guide
Learn more >
Power Points
Learn more >
Course Outlines
Course Outlines
Learn more >
Tips, Webinars, Resources
Tips, Webinars, & Resources
Learn more >
Lesson Plans
Lesson Plans
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Complimentary Training
Schedule a personalized group training session, or watch a pre-recorded training.
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The Tools You
Need to Succeed
Along with the right products and the right team, you’ll have a wide array of tools to help you set up and manage your class.
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Let Other Instructors Help You
Let Other Instructors
Help You
Join and engage with other teachers using our course materials. Get tips, feedback, helpful hints, and brag about how good your class is doing!
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Without Care, It's Just Courseware
Not long ago, we were a small but mighty company filled with over a hundred passionate people who believe in making a difference in the world through education using breakthrough technology. Now we have joined with CompTIA to provide you with an even better customer experience. Second only to LabSim is our incredible service, support, and resources for your classroom and program success. Because no two schools are alike, we work closely with you to create a customized implementation plan.
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