K12 teachers love to use TestOut's affordable and accessible lab simulations in their classroom.
Higher Education - TestOut's hands-on experiences accelerate growth in any learning environment
Experience-Based Training
Build confidence to take students to the next level

TestOut’s advanced lab simulations provide real world experiences in an interactive way no other solution can.

Optimized for structured learning environments, students develop in-demand skills without feeling overwhelmed.

All-In-One Training Toolbox
We go the extra mile for you, so you can go the extra mile for your students

Each browser-based course includes:

  • Instructional Materials
  • Lab Simulations
  • Assessments
  • A Custom Exam Builder
  • Certification Practice Exams
  • Pro Certification Exam Voucher
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“TestOut has solved the problem. They bring the technology, they bring the equipment, they bring the content, and I recommend all instructors that are thinking about using the TestOut products, give it a try. Try one of the modules and then you will find out for yourself how beneficial it is for you as an instructor and for your students.”
Ossie Rashel - IT Systems Analyst & Faculty at San Jose University
Ossie Rashel
IT Systems Analyst & Faculty at San Jose University
TestOut erases the headaches and hassles of teaching and learning technology

No matter your goal or skill level, you’ll quickly see why so many love it. Go from launching your course to achieving great outcomes in fewer steps - and have a lot of fun along the way.

TestOut’s innovative skill-building curriculum, certifIcation prep, and educator resources are hosted on our learning platform.

Supporting Your Journey
Your trusted education partner every step of the way

Whether you've been teaching for years, just starting, or somewhere in-between, TestOut will meet you where you stand

Our fabulous Customer Success team will work with you to create a customized implementation plan to begin your transformation journey.

“I am most pleased with TestOut because customer service is extraordinary, it is accessible on student Chromebooks for digital students at home, and your team constantly strives to improve and enhance Microsoft Office, Word, and Excel!
Alice Cooper - Teacher, Jasper High School
Alice Cooper
Teacher, Jasper High School
Greg Spears - Teacher at Elizabethtown High School
“TestOut is a wonderful resource that incorporates so many different aspects of the IT world. It’s like a playground with millions of dollars’ worth of equipment in the Metaverse, that allows students the opportunity to work on equipment they might not otherwise get to see until they get employed in the field.”
Greg Spears
Teacher at Elizabethtown High School
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Wall of Fame
How TestOut stands apart

TestOut's easy-to-use, comprehensive resources, tools, and trusted service
uniquely position us to be the ideal guide for your transformation.

Top-tier Customer Service

  • White glove, user support services
  • Get your class up and running fast
  • Every complimentary service you need

Break-through Technology Training

  • Performance-based lab simulation engine
  • Auto-graded, repeatable hands-on lab experiences
  • Access many kinds of gear & data-populated apps

Performance-based Assessments

  • Know what they can do, not just memorize
  • Give them more than a grade when they leave
  • 100% performance-based Pro Certification exams

Value and Affordability

  • No extra resources or downloads required
  • Includes industry certification practice exams
  • Academic pricing discounts available
Easy and Effective

TestOut provides the proven tools and resources to make life easier,
enhance your classroom, and impact your students in a positive way.

  • Teach with the latest expert subject matter materials in a way that eliminates the friction points of learning. Comes packed with interactive videos, fact sheets, demos, lesson plans, textbook and objective mappings, PowerPoint slides, activities and more
  • Includes a custom exam builder, student learning activity tracking, and progress reporting
  • Bring incredible experiences to your classroom adaptable for in-person, hybrid, flipped, blended, and online courses to maximize your impact

    Learn more about instructor classroom tools
  • Maps to industry exams and state standards with lesson and pacing plans that help new instructors get up to speed fast
  • Organization-wide, rich-reporting dashboards with customizable reports to track progress, time in resource, scores, and attempts
  • Generate your own access codes and give students two-week free access to use as they await financial aid
  • Easy onboarding and free training. Promotes teacher retention by alleviating burnout, improves classroom outcomes, and accelerates workforce development to differentiate and grow your program
  • Many institutions who use TestOut Pro certifications as their final exam, can provide >70% pass rates to accreditation bodies for federal funding
  • Does a superb job educating students with a "learn by doing" approach instead of the usual "learn by listening and reading" approach
  • Multi-format training resources can be personalized to their learning style
  • A TestOut Pro certification exam voucher is included with every license. This 100% performance-based certification  will boost your students' confidence to achieve more life-changing success

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Education Equity
Solutions to reach all students

We’ve virtually replicated more than $200,000 in the latest technology to
help you provide your students with the latest, cutting-edge resources.

We offer technology courses for students at the beginning of their journey
to professionals seeking certifications to fast-track their career trajectory.

Accessible Anytime, Anywhere, Anyone

Icon - Interactive Video Scripts
Follow along with interactive video scripts
Icon - Closed Captions on Videos
Includes closed captions on videos
Icon - Adjustable speed, caption colors, and size
Adjustable speed, caption colors and size
Icon - Downloadable lesson files for accessibility
Downloadable lesson files for accessibility
Icon - Works on PC, Mac, and Chromebook
Works on PC, Mac, and Chromebook
Doyle McClellan - Professor & Coordinator of Network Security and Administration at Lewis and Clark Community College
“TestOut products are well-designed and highly reliable. We’ve used a broad range of TestOut products in our information technology classes for several years, and I’ve never encountered a lab that didn’t work. TestOut technical support is unlike any other. They are highly available, quick to resolve issues, and good about escalating to ‘real’ experts with deep knowledge and involvement with development. I have met many in the organization by phone and in-person. They treat their service to learners as a calling. They’re wonderful people on a mission to do good.”
Doyle McClellan
Professor & Coordinator of Network Security and Administration
Lewis and Clark Community College
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