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Certification Objectives
Client Pro
 Certification Objectives

Manage Windows

Manage Windows settings

  • Use the Windows interface
  • Configure Startup options

Manage Windows system

  • Configure the boot order
  • Configure Windows Update
  • Manage Windows services

Manage Windows apps

  • Configure the Edge browser
  • Manage desktop applications

Manage local printers

  • Add a printer
  • Configure a default printer
  • Share a printer

Manage remote access

  • Configure Remote Assist
  • Configure Remote Desktop
  • Use PowerShell Remoting

Manage Hyper-V on Windows

  • Create virtual machines
  • Create virtual hard disks

Troubleshoot Windows

  • Troubleshoot system startup
  • Troubleshoot with Windows Recovery

Manage Identity and Security

Manage users and groups

  • Manage local users and groups
  • Manage Active Directory (AD) user accounts
  • Manage users and groups in Azure AD

Manage Active Directory (AD)

  • Manage organizational units (OUs)
  • Manage Active Directory (AD) devices
  • Manage an AD DS account

Configure policies

  • Configure a Group Policy Object (GPO)
  • Configure an Audit policy

Manage user security

  • Configure user account control (UAC) settings
  • Enforce user account control (UAC)
  • Configure user rights

Manage system security

  • Configure Security options
  • Configure Windows Security
  • Manage Windows client firewall
  • Configure and start Bitlocker

Manage Networking

Configure network settings

  • Configure an IPv4 address
  • Configure an IPv6 address
  • Configure a virtual private network (VPN)

Manage a wireless network

  • Create and secure a home wireless network
  • Connect to a wireless network

Troubleshoot networking

  • Troubleshoot a network adapter
  • Troubleshoot TCP/IP configuration

Manage Files and Storage

Manage files and folders

  • Manage files
  • Manage folders
  • Share folders
  • Configure NTFS file permissions

Manage file system backup and recovery

  • Backup a computer
  • Create a Windows restore point
  • Configure File History
  • Restore data from File History
  • Restore a file from a previous version

Manage storage

  • Configure OneDrive storage
  • Optimize local storage

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