Network Pro

Certification Objectives
Network Pro
 Certification Objectives

Networking Hardware

  • Implement a cabling solution to establish network communication.
  • Deploy appropriate wired networking or internetworking device(s).
  • Implement appropriate wireless networking device(s).

Network Device Configuration

  • Configure IP addressing, DNS, and DHCP for a network host.
  • Perform basic switch configuration tasks.
  • Perform basic router configuration tasks.
  • Establish a wireless network connection for a device on the network.
  • Configure a VoIP endpoint.

Network Management

  • Configure DHCP services for a network subnet.
  • Configure DNS for the network.
  • Configure Remote Desktop to allow remote access to systems.
  • Use network tools to discover network devices and resources.
  • Perform data and server backup and recovery tasks.
  • Configure virtual networking.

Network Security

  • Configure a host firewall to provide local security.
  • Secure an enterprise wireless network.
  • Configure security for a switch.
  • Configure systems and remote devices to create and use a VPN connection.
  • Perform administrative tasks on a network security appliance.
  • Respond to social engineering exploits.

Network Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshoot issues with networking media or devices to establish network communication.
  • Troubleshoot IP configuration issues to establish network communication.
  • Troubleshoot wired or wireless network connectivity to establish network communication.

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