Network Pro

Certification Objectives
Network Pro
 Certification Objectives

Revision: 05/14/2021


Implement components and cabling solutions

  • Connect and reconnect Ethernet networks
  • Implement physical security
  • Configure an iSCSI initiator and target
  • Connect computer and network components
  • Update firmware
  • Configure a load balancing server

Implement wired and wireless devices

  • Design indoor and outdoor wireless networks
  • Implement an enterprise wireless network
  • Create a home wireless network
  • Connect patch panel cables
  • Connect network components
  • Configure NIC teaming


Configure IP addressing

  • Configure IP addresses
  • Configure an IPv6 address
  • Deploy NAT

Configure routers and switches

  • Configure switches
  • Configure ports
  • Implement Spanning Tree
  • Implement QoS
  • Configure routers

Configure wireless and VoIP

  • Connect smart devices
  • Connect mobile devices
  • Configure VoIP
  • Configure trunking
  • Configure NTP


Manage DHCP services

  • Implement a DHCP server
  • Configure DHCP options
  • Configure DHCP snooping
  • Configure a DHCP relay agent

Manage DNS services

  • Configure DNS addresses
  • Create standard DNS zones
  • Explore nslookup

Manage device discovery and VLANs

  • Scan for IoT devices
  • Scan networks
  • Create and configure VLANs

Manage backup and restore tasks

  • Back up files with File History
  • Recover a file from File History


Secure firewalls and security appliances

  • Configure a host firewall
  • Configure a perimeter firewall
  • Configure a screened subnet
  • Configure a security appliance

Secure switches and wireless networks

  • Secure switches
  • Disable switch ports
  • Secure an enterprise wireless network
  • Secure a home wireless network
  • Secure email accounts on mobile devices

Secure services and passwords

  • Disable network services
  • Enable and disable Linux services
  • Configure account password policies
  • Change Linux passwords

Secure remote connections and VPNs

  • Allow remote desktop connections
  • Configure a remote access VPN
  • Configure a mobile device VPN connection

 Secure network exploits

  • Implement an intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Respond to social engineering exploits
  • Perform on-path attacks
  • Crack a password
  • Identify poisoning attacks


Troubleshoot configuration and services

  • Explore IP configuration
  • Troubleshoot IP configuration
  • Troubleshoot DNS records
  • Troubleshoot with a network protocol analyzer

Troubleshoot wired and wireless connectivity

  • Explore physical connectivity
  • Troubleshoot physical connectivity
  • Troubleshoot wireless network problems

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