About Us

TestOut is the leader in online labs for academia and IT professionals. LabSim provides students with a broad range of hands-on experience in a safe, simulated environment. Since 1991, we have helped hundreds of thousands of individuals acquire the skills they need to progress in their education and careers.

We are a small, no-nonsense company that identifies more with "Main Street" than "Wall Street." We are real people who want to do business with other real people. If you want red tape, hassles, and automated interactions, you will no doubt want to do business elsewhere. We believe that technology does not have to be cold or impersonal.

We want to make a difference in the industry one customer at a time.

There are three things that make us truly unique in our industry:

  • The way we help you learn: experience-based training 
  • The technology we use: simulations
  • The way we conduct business: customer-centric

Hundreds of colleges around the world have witnessed the positive impact of LabSim for their students. Some of the major academic institutions using LabSim include University of Phoenix, DeVry University, ITT Tech, International Education Corporation, Education Corporation of America, Georgetown University, Syracuse University, and Western Governors University.