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Wall of Fame

Juan Alexander II

I crashed my mother’s car when I was four years old. She ran inside to get my sister from babysitting. I had seen other people drive and figured, ‘Why not?’
Juan Alexander II

Certifications: CompTIA A+, TestOut PC Pro

Preferred Study Methods: “Nothing unusual, just crammed as much info as I could into the short time I had: three-plus hours a day in class and more outside. I did use as many resources as I could find, websites, practice exams, and study guides. Got a lot of info off of TestOut. Professor Messer’s another great place for info.”

Extracurricular Activities: “I enjoy working out, lifting weights, and cardio. I like to stay in shape because I play point guard on a travelling team, The 757 Mayors. We play local tournaments. I’m also a computer technician with IntellecTechs in Virginia Beach. It’s right up my alley; I’d do this job even if I wasn’t getting paid. Don’t tell my boss that.”

Craziest Thing He’s Ever Done: “I crashed my mother’s car when I was four years old. She ran inside to get my sister from babysitting. I had seen other people drive and figured, ‘Why not?’ ”

Why I Became Interested in Certs: “Because certs say you are qualified to do something. Anyone can claim they can do something, but a cert is proof that you are qualified by an outside organization.”

Support from Parents and Friends: “I had lots of support from my friends and all of my family. I had a lot of doubts and thought how crazy earning A+ would be to do in three months. My parents really helped me stay focused, always reminding me of it by saying, ‘You can do this.’ They gave me lots of motivation and let me do my thing.”

Being Part of the Miller 6: “There were six of us, out of 19 students, who chose to advance and had the mindset to do it. I felt like I needed to be a part of this, and I was sure going to do my part to help out. It was a team effort and we all worked together.”

Toughest Challenge of Earning Certs: “Memorizing all of the port numbers. It was so tough.”

Best Thing About Being Certified: “The fact that I’m automatically set apart from everyone else who doesn’t have an A+ certification.”

Best Moment Earning Certs: “During orientation in my sophomore year, hearing what class was about and opening the textbook. It showed a Windows 8.1 operating Screen and explained about setting up Windows. The only thing going through my head was, ‘Wow! This is right up my alley.’ I knew I was in the right place. And then, of course, passing both exams.”

Future Plans: “This year I’ll earn the Network+ and Security+ certs. College will be the next step, and whatever certs are required for my career.”

Favorite Music Lyric: “By J. Cole: ‘I say my prayers ’cause this life ain’t fair.’ I’m pretty religious and this helps me remember that not everything is going to go my way. I just pray to God to keep me safe and prospering.”

Most Important Ms. Miller Lesson: “She was always telling us to solve problems our own way and not just wait for her to show us her way. Other teachers have told me not to move ahead of the class. Ms. Miller taught me that acceleration isn’t a bad thing. It’s okay to do something faster than outlined. I can learn at my own rate and I learn quick — I did my 902 in three months.”

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