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Thank you for using TestOut courseware materials. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to start using new software or begin a new semester, so we’ve gathered a few resources to help make it a little easier to get started.
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Creating a Class Through LabSim
Click to view steps on how to create classes in your LMS
Additional Resources to help in the classroom
I Have Set Up My Classes, Now What?
Each of these resources will help you utilize TestOut courses in the best way to help you and your students.
Learn how to find our PowerPoints, Lesson Plans, mappings, outlines and more to help plan your class.
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Additional Resources - Teaching Aids
Use to set up a schedule for your class.

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Additional Resources - Pacing Guide
Check out a list of our most frequently asked questions.

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Additional Resources - FAQs
Learn about best practices from instructors.

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Additional Resources - Tips, Webinars, Resources
Join the TestOut Instructor Community and the CompTIA Instructor Network.
Additional Resources - Let Other Teachers Help You
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Assessments and Reporting
Now that your students are using TestOut materials, here are directions on how to see their progress, create classroom specific exams, and schedule the Pro Certification exam.
Let Other Instructors
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Join and engage with other teachers using our course materials. Get tips, feedback, helpful hints and brag about how good your class is doing! 

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We have designed many unique posters for your classroom.
Download and print off the ones your students will enjoy.
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