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George Karnbauer, Computer Networking Instructor
Forbes Road Career & Technology Center

TestOut is hands down the best training platform that you can use in your classroom. TestOut replaces textbooks and provides our students with simulated virtual labs that are great at preparing students for the real thing. I strongly encourage all teachers to implement TestOut in their programs.

TJ Thoss
Teacher, Orange County Public Schools

TestOut Office Pro is one of the best products I have come across to teach students Microsoft Office.  The videos with transcripts, fact sheets and hands on labs give students a safe and effective learning environment for all learning types and abilities.

Catherine Fuster
Associate Prof., Dept. Chair, Computer & Design Technologies
Lakes Region Comm College

I had the opportunity to try TestOut a few years ago through a grant, and I chose to use PC Pro, IT Fundamental, and Office.  Today, my students and I enjoy the lessons provided by TestOut and agree this system works.  Students feel they are well prepared and have the confidence to pass and obtain their certification after using this fantastic system.  As a teacher, the system provides the flexibility to go from an in-class environment to a Hybrid model classroom.   TestOut has an excellent simulated lab in almost all sections, giving students a chance to work on computers without the expensive budget required.  TestOut is available online using most devices and an incredible staff that assists whenever you need help.  I remember having a few issues moving students from one course to another, so I emailed them immediately and received a response, guiding me on steps to fix my problems. Not only did I get feedback, but I also was told that they have a Facebook account with many like-minded educators that have provided me with some great resources. This company has been a fantastic tool for me, and the Friday Challenges have been highly entertaining, with great TestOut prizes.

I recommend TestOut to all teachers/administrators/board members to use this company.  If you’re looking for new ways to approach the ever-changing technology world and make it fun to learn, it is the way to go!  My favorite addition to my class has been TestOut and the fantastic supporting staff.

Linda Gordon
Teacher, Marysville High School

I love the TestOut Products we use for our Students.  As you know, we are preparing the students in our Program for their CompTIA A+ and Net+ certifications, I feel that when they use the TestOut Lab Sims, it prepares them for the Simulations they may see on a CompTIA Cert Test.  The TestOut support group is amazing and always responds to our request in a timely manner. The product is dynamic. It changes to keep up with the needs and changes of a product.

Donna Davis
Information Technology Instructor
Porter and Chester Institute

I love that students can work at their own pace and redo any labs until they are comfortable with them. I had 4/4 students pass Word this week!

Amy Dodson
Teacher, Clay County Public Schools

TestOut is a dream come true compared to our last third-party software. I rarely have any issues. If a student emails me to say something is working right, I automatically know they aren’t doing something right and it’s never TestOut. It is easy for students to get started with as compared to many others. For COMP 1000, a lot of the students are close to being computer illiterate, but TestOut is designed to make it easy for them. Even beginning computer students online do very well with TestOut. It is also easy to use with a laptop as compared to others which require multiple windows to be open to complete assignments.

Instructor Icon
Melissa Hall
Business Technology Lead Instructor

I am most pleased with TestOut because customer service is extraordinary, it is accessible on student chromebooks for digital students at home, and your team constantly strives to improve and enhance Microsoft Office Word and Excel!   We are super excited about your additional domains for Word and Excel as well as your planned improvements over the summer!   TestOut prepares my students for the MOS tests!  I would strongly recommend it to other teachers!   Thanks TestOut for an awesome school year!

Alice Cooper
Teacher, Jasper High School

TestOut’s courses IT Fundamentals Pro and Office Pro are terrific for guiding students along the path toward learning and ultimate certification for CompTIA IT Fundamentals+ (FC0-U61) and Microsoft Office Specialist Excel Associate 2019/365 (MO-200)! The instructional videos, fact sheets, labs and quizzes prepare students by utilizing all of the primary learning styles.

Edward Mason
Teacher, Cumberland County Schools

In my experience, TestOut is a terrific product that allows a student to get practical hands-on knowledge as well as certification test preparation.  The lab simulations provide students with real-world scenarios where they can use various devices without the need to invest in any equipment.  I no longer need to spend a vast amount of money to supply each student with practice computers, routers, switches, or testing equipment.  I also do not need to spend hours of setup and teardown time for any of my labs.  Instead, I assign specific sections of TestOut and students work at their own pace.  In a classroom setting, I will still deliver material and demonstrate key points, but while students are working on sections, I can focus my energy on the students that need it.

We also recommend students take the Pro Certification exams at the end of the term and suggest that the earned certification ends up on their resume.  While the industry may not recognize TestOut Certification as readily as CompTIA, it can still open the door for a conversation.  If nothing else, students who earn the Pro Certification get an ego boost when they realize that “yes, I can do this!”

We deliver most of TestOut’s materials in a 5.5-week format.  We still have many students who complete every lab and exam for each section of each product every quarter.  Most of them feel very well prepared for an entry-level position.

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W. Scott Cordle
Information Technology Program Director
Associate Professor of IT
College of Technology and Design
Sullivan University

I love testout. It allows me to monitor the students weaknesses and provide reinforcements in those areas. I can check how much time they have actually spent working and watching the videos of examples to make sure they are spending enough time in study and preparation. 

Alanna Russell
Business Education Teacher
Salem School District
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