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The most powerful and easy to use Office and computer basics courseware available

TestOut Office Pro Content
A true log-in-and-learn solution

Relax knowing all of your students, no matter their background or experience level, will get everything they need, with practically zero amount of prep work, to start learning immediately. A great start during the first few weeks means fewer dropouts. Office Pro bridges the learning gap, so no one is lost, overwhelmed, or bored.


Benefit: All students need is a computer and Internet connection, literally. Office Pro works on a Mac or a PC and doesn't require Microsoft Office to use.

Engaging content that aligns to individual needs

Give your students more choices for how they learn best through various learning methods while helping those who need extra practice using guided help and drill and practice labs.


Benefit: Students are happier because they are learning in a style that suits them. Office Pro also provides the extra content and practice they need to stay caught up and gives them the tools to help themselves instead of asking for individual help.

An easy online experience

Keep your students motivated through a smooth and efficient online user experience that removes unnecessary steps and barriers that cause frustration or hinder the learning process. Get single sign-on, one-screen learning with no need to bounce between screens. Streamline learning with instant remediation in self-paced labs.


Benefit: Students no longer get stuck or frustrated, which means you spend less time troubleshooting and playing tech support.

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Build long-term skills over memorization that fades

Ensure your students gain deep-rooted skills that will last well beyond your class through scientific learning exercises designed to produce critical thinking and proficiency, not surface level knowledge. Students can drill and practice until they get the grade that they want and that they have earned.


Benefit: With other learning solutions, students merely memorize step-by-step instructions. With Office Pro's smart labs, projects, and assessments, students learn skills by completing real-world tasks, using multiple pathways.

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Remove all learning barriers

Students only need an internet connection on either a PC or MAC computer. With 14-day free access, they can log in from your LMS or testout.com and start learning immediately.

Office Pro Tour - Remove All Learning Barriers
Give an intuitive, easy user experience

Office Pro puts everything students need into one adaptable, browser screen that they can study anytime, anywhere. Now there is no need to bounce between a textbook and courseware.

Office Pro Tour - Intuitive, Easy User Experience
Make learning more enjoyable

Engaging instructor-led videos are not just how-to videos, but students learn the “why” and real-world application behind using MS Office with 78+ hours of content.

Office Pro Tour - Make Learning More Enjoyable
Provide 1-on-1 learning experiences

Each video has a blend of both “teach me” and “show me”, as if you were sitting one-on-one with a student going back and forth between teaching and demonstrating in a classroom.

Office Pro Tour - Provide 1-on-1 Learning Experiences
Cater to different learning styles

All videos come with interactive text that students download and print for notes. Speed control, ADA and ESL features, let students customize their learning experience.

Office Pro Tour - Cater to Different Learning Styles
Practice in a real-world way

Provide a real experience through lab simulations that allows students to complete tasks using multiple pathways, and lets them make and learn from their mistakes before labs are scored.

Office Pro Tour - Practice in a Real-World Way
Encourage critical thinking

Office Pro has hints built into the system, and provides instant positive feedback when a task is correct, but gives no feedback when they make a mistake. This approach is conducive to critical thinking.

Office Pro Tour - Encourage Critical Thinking
Bridge the learning gap

Build proficiency, speed, and “muscle memory” in completing tasks with Challenge Labs. Students build competence with unlimited drill & practice simulations with multiple scenarios.

Office Pro Tour - Bridge the Learning Gap
Challenge through gamification

Challenge labs have scorecards with a leaderboard to motivate students to keep practicing and get the time they want. Students can use hints as they practice but aren’t given a score unless they don’t use a hint.

Office Pro Tour - Challange Through Gamification
Assess skills without hints

Applied labs allow students to demonstrate they know how to perform tasks, without help, rather than memorize step-by-step instructions, that are easy to forget.

Office Pro Tour - Assess Skills Without Hints
Prove competency with live in-app projects

One click launches projects directly in the application without downloading, saving, and uploading so that nothing is lost or confusing. Cheating isn’t possible, so they can prove their proficiency in any MS version.

Office Pro Tour - Prove Competency with Stress-Free Projects
Remediate for faster proficiency

When students complete labs, it is accurately auto-graded, and a lab report is generated that contains valuable insights and explanations on how to complete each task on the next try.

Office Pro Tour - Remediate for Faster Proficiency
Personalize with deep insights

Custom class reports help you to track each part of the learning journey and provides real-time insights so you can improve course ratings, decrease dropout rates, and personalize each interaction.

Office Pro Tour - Personalize with Deep Insights
Create customized assessments

Create custom quizzes and exams using questions and labs from Office Pro to test competency or use questions from your own question bank.

Office Pro Tour - Create Customized Assessments
Prepare for MOS certifications

Our practice exams help prepare students for the MOS 2019 certification exams and TestOut's Office Pro certification exam, which is 100% performance-based, and includes a complimentary voucher.

Office Pro Tour - Prepare for MOS Certifications
Certify skill attainment

Instructors have reported higher student engagement, confidence, and retention when they have used TestOut’s Office Pro certification exam as their final exam that they can add to their resume.

Office Pro Tour - Certify Skill Attainment
Request Instructor Access

Instructors are provided FREE instructor access to Office Pro courseware. Request your access by clicking the image below:.

Office Pro Tour - Request Office Pro Instructor Access
Office Pro = Training Material + Practice Exams
Save Time and Budget with the Best Option for MOS Practice Tests

TestOut provides the MOS training and practice tests together in the same resource! This means, with the same program TestOut Office Pro teaches your students everything they need to know to confidently pass the MOS certification exams. Imagine how much your students will benefit from the same login, interface, and reporting with everything in one easy-to-use platform.

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Benefits of Office Pro
Icon - All-in-one solution
True all-in-one solution, no textbook, practice tests, or labs need to be bundled
Icon - Adaptable to any students level
Adaptable to any student’s experience level
Icon - Pedagogy
Pedagogy centered on critical thinking, practice, and proficiency
Icon - Works on Mac, PC, and Chromebooks
Works on Mac, PC and Chromebooks
Icon - No special installations or downloads needed
No special installations or downloads needed
Icon - Don't need Office or Windows 10 installed to use
Don’t need Office or Windows 10 installed to use
Icon - Accessible from anywhere with an internet connection
Accessible from anywhere with an Internet connection
Icon - Simple and Easy Navigation
Simple and Easy Navigation
Icon - Little to no learning curve
Little to No Learning Curve
Tools to Make Your Life Easier
Features of Office Pro
Lab Simulations for Windows 10, Computer Hardware, Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook
Enjoyable Learning Videos with Interactive Read-along Text, ADA, & ESL components
Visual Text Summaries of Key Concepts & Facts
Custom Exam Builder
End of Chapter Exams
LMS Integration & Auto-grading
Student, Class, & School Reports
Includes 100% Performance-based Office Pro Certification exam voucher
Microsoft Office Specialist Certification Practice Exams
Classroom PowerPoint Slides
Lesson Plans
Designed for traditional, hybrid, or online courses
Live In-App Projects
We've Got you Covered
What Does Office Pro Cover?
Download the Course Outline
Meets objectives for MOS Certifications
  • Video Lessons:
  • Simulations:
  • Fact Sheets:
  • Practice Exams:
  • Live Projects:
  • Chapter Assessments:
  • Office Pro Cert Exam Voucher:

Online Essentials
The Information Age
The Internet and Social Media
Digital Communication
Online Safety and Security
Evaluating Online Information

Computer Essentials
Computer Hardware
System Software
File Management
Application Software
Networking and User Accounts
Computer Programming
Information Systems

Common Office Features
Getting Started with Office
Customizing Views and Options
Printing Files
Navigating Files
Working with Objects

Microsoft Word
Introduction to Word
Creating Documents and Using the Clipboard
Modifying Fonts
Formatting Paragraphs
Formatting Pages
Editing Documents
Inserting Illustrations and Other Elements
Creating and Formatting Tables
Using Themes, Styles, and Templates
Managing References
Managing Headers, Footers, and Sections
Using Office Collaboration Features
Using Macros

Microsoft Excel
Introduction to Excel
Creating and Managing Workbooks
Organizing and Entering Data
Changing Properties and Printing Worksheets
Formatting Cells
Entering Simple Formulas
Using Advanced Functions
Displaying Data in Charts
Organizing Data in Tables
Summarizing Complex Data

Microsoft PowerPoint
Introduction to PowerPoint
Creating and Managing Presentations
Formatting Textual Content
Designing Slides
Using the Slide Master
Formatting SmartArt and Shapes
Formatting Tables and Charts
Formatting Pictures and Other Media
Applying Animations and Transitions
Delivering Presentations

Microsoft Access
Introduction to Access
Managing Databases
Designing and Creating Tables
Using Simple Queries
Creating Forms
Creating Reports
Surveying Advanced Access Features

Microsoft Outlook
Introduction to Outlook
Sending and Receiving Messages
Managing Messages
Managing Contacts and Groups
Working with the Calendar

Instructor Testimonial

“I have been teaching Microsoft Office classes for nearly 30 years, and Office Pro is the best solution I’ve found for student success and retention. My students love how easy-to-use, enjoyable, and effective it is. They truly are learning, and student complaints and dropout rates have dropped significantly.”

Suzanne Fell Associate Professor, School of Business at Maranatha Baptist University
Useful Office Pro Resources
Past Webinars
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How to Make Online Learning Work for you

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Other Office Pro Resources
Product Brochure

A printable flyer covering the features and benefits of TestOut Office Pro

Getting Started Guide

A Customizable resource to help your students get started.

Course Mapping - Office Pro to Desktop Pro

A mapping resource to help instructors transition from Desktop Pro to Office Pro.

For additional materials, go to our

Educator Resources
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