Server Pro 2016: Install and Storage

Certification Objectives
Server Pro 2016: Install and Storage
 Certification Objectives

Storage Services

Manage server backups.

Manage disks and volumes.

  • Create and manage volumes.
  • Initialize and partition disks.
  • Configure fault tolerance.
  • Create mount points.
  • Configure volume shadow copy service (VSS).

Manage storage pools.

Manage iSCSI.

  • Connect to iSCSI targets.
  • Create iSCSI volumes.
  • Create iSCSI virtual disks.

Network Services

Manage networking.

  • Configure basic TCP/IP settings.
  • Configure Windows firewall.
  • Configure NIC teaming.

Manage DNS servers.

  • Configure DNS zones.
  • Configure DNS records.

Manage DHCP servers.

  • Install and authorize DHCP servers.
  • Configure DHCP scopes and options.
  • Configure DHCP exclusions and reservations.

Server Management

Configure servers.

  • Install server roles.
  • Service Windows images.

Deploy and manage servers.

Manage files and folders.

  • Manage SMB share and NTFS permissions.
  • Calculate effective rights.
  • Hide a folder using a share name.
  • Restore files and folders from backup.

Manage quotas.

Manage printing.

  • Create and share printers.
  • Enable printer pooling.
  • Deploy printers using GPOs.
  • Configure printer permissions.


Manage virtualization with Hyper-V.

  • Create virtual hard disks and volumes.
  • Create and configure virtual machines.
  • Create virtual switches.
  • Move virtual machines and virtual machine storage.

Manage virtual hard disk files with Disk Management.

High Availability

Manage network load balancing clusters.

Manage high availability with failover clustering.

  • Create and manage failover cluster.
  • Configure a file share witness.

Manage failover cluster roles.

  • Add a failover cluster role.
  • Configure failover cluster role settings.

Active Directory

Manage Active Directory.

  • Install and manage domain controllers.
  • Configure sites.

Manage accounts in Active Directory.

  • Configure and manage users.
  • Configure and manage computer accounts.
  • Configure and manage organizational units.

Manage groups in Active Directory.

  • Configure and manage groups.
  • Configure group scopes and types.

Group Policy

Manage group policy objects (GPOs).

  • Configure the default domain policy.
  • Create starter GPOs.
  • Configure user rights.

Manage group policies.

  • Configure password policies.
  • Configure audit policies.

Manage security policies.

  • Delegate permissions.
  • Configure UAC settings.
  • Configure restricted group policies.

Manage application restrictions.

  • Configure executable application rules.

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