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ALL MONTH LONG we will be doing fun giveaways and providing fun and helpful content. See everything we’re doing below:

Icon - Cybersecurity Awareness Month
We’re Giving Out Grant Money and Prizes

We want to help you build and grow your cybersecurity and IT programs, so we will be giving $4,000 in cash grants and prizes all month long.

Two Ways to Enter:

Online Security Certificate GiveawayLab Challenge Giveaway

You could win one of eight $250 Cash Grant donations. These winners will be announced every Friday in October starting on the 8th. On the last Friday, we’ll give out two $500 grants.

We’re also giving out $1,000 worth of prizes like Raspberry Pi Kits, Internet of Things kits, TestOut tool kits, and even pairs of our famous TestOut socks. Click here for more details on prizes.  

Join our Facebook Instructor Community to find out who the winners are. We’ll also email all winners!

$4,000 in Grant Money, Gear, & Giveaways
Poster - Cybersecurity Month 2021
Limited Quantities
Request a Free 2021 Cybersecurity Poster!

This year's poster will be great to use in your classroom and to educate your students.

Request yours here (Instructors only, please)

Cybersecurity Live
Webinars This Month
Cybersecurity Webinars This Month
Finding Your Place in Today’s Cybersecurity Landscape

Join TestOut and Dr. DJ Hovermale, one of the nation’s leading cybersecurity experts, as we discuss the current state of the cybersecurity landscape, and key strategies and tips for getting into and/or advancing your career in the field.

Dr. DJ Hovermale
Senior Cyber Operations Training Analyst at SAIC and Clinical Assistant Professor at University of Alabama

Date & Time: October 21 @ 11 a.m. MDT

Webinar Presenter: Dr. DJ Hovermale, Senior Cyber Operations Training Analyst at SAIC and Clinical Assistant Professor at University of AlabamaWatch Recording
Flying to the Future – Working Together To Create a More Skilled Technology Workforce

Join TestOut and Dr. Javaid Syed as we discuss the major shortage in today’s technology workforce. Given the current cybersecurity landscape, it’s more important than ever to catch young individuals’ interest and help them connect the dots and get excited about careers in technology.

Dr. Javaid Syed
Program Chair, Computer Science and Information Technology at Salem University

Date & Time: October 28 @ 11 a.m. MDT

Webinar Presenter: Dr. Javaid Syed, Program Chair, Computer Science and Information Technology at Salem UniversityWatch Recording
TestOut Cybersecurity Courseware

TestOut has three powerful courses that thoroughly cover cybersecurity concepts. Students learn how to secure corporate networks, how to perform counter measures to hackers attacks, and how to perform tests using tools to analyze network vulnerabilities. This type of knowledge and experience help students to understand how to counter these vulnerabilities and improve network security.

Click the buttons below to learn more about these courses.

Security ProCyberDefense ProEthical Hacker Pro
TestOut Cybersecurity Courses
Cybersecurity Scary Stories - True stories read by Gerry Graves that will have you "spooked!"
Cybersecurity Scary Stories

Back by popular demand! Set aside a short window to listen to these with your students.

You’ve probably heard some funny and “scary” cybersecurity stories. To go along with Halloween, we invite you to listen around the campfire as TestOut’s video editor, Gerry Graves (actor and former singer in the Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square), reads aloud true cybersecurity stories that might frighten you or just make you laugh.

Listen If You Dare
Cybersecurity Webinars
Ideas for Building a Cybersecurity Program

In this Teachers Lounge we discuss building a Cybersecurity Program at your high school to get your students ready for future careers.

TestOut's Travis Wilde teamed up with four instructors to share how they built and grew their Cybersecurity Programs.

April Pelfrey Central Gwinnett HS
Eli Cochran Delaware Area Career Ctr
Lee Ann Pessoney James Clemens HS
Jay Mathis Blacksburg HS

Watch Recording
Top Cybersecurity Skills and Career Paths Your Students Must Know

What are the top career paths for cybersecurity students? What essential skills do they need to be successful? Where are the industry trends headed? These are all vital questions to ask as you develop and expand your cybersecurity programs.

Greg Schmidt
Professor at The Community College of Baltimore County

Watch Recording
NSA Centers of Academic Excellence: What Does It Mean and Where Do I Start?

The National Security Agency (NSA) has worked with higher education to create the National Centers of Academic Excellence (CAE) designation for qualifying academic programs. Learn how this program can benefit yours.

Kyle Jones
Professor & CIS Chair at Sinclair Community College

Watch Recording
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