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Routing & Switching Pro
TestOut Pro Certified:
Routing & Switching Pro

Prepares For

  • TestOut Routing and Switching Pro Certification
  • Cisco CCNA (200-301)
Ensure Your Students have Career-Ready Cisco Admin Skills

Routing and Switching Pro helps you prepare students for Cisco Network Admin careers through an engaging, all-in-one training experience performing common tasks in a networked environment. Through easy-to-use technology, students will develop hands-on skills using up-to-date software to gain the knowledge and confidence needed to certify and obtain employment.

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Courseware Included
Icon: TestOut Office Pro
TestOut Office Pro
Essentials in Computer, Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.
Prepares For
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Office Essentials
  • Word Associate 365
  • Excel Associate 365
  • PowerPoint Associate 365 (MO-310)
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Course Icon
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel®
This courseware trains
on associate to expert
Excel skills.
Prepares For
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Advanced
  • Excel Associate 365
  • Excel Expert 2019
Icon: TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word®
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word®
This courseware trains
on associate to expert
Word skills.
Prepares For
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® Advanced
  • Word Associate 365
  • Word Expert 2019
Key Topics Covered
Teach with interactive videos, fact sheets, lab simulations, and assessments.
IPv6 Routing
Control Lists
IP Addressing
IPv4 Routing

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Instantly Give Hands-On Experience

99 labs on key technologies, such as:

  • Explore TCP/IP Communications
  • Configure Switch Ports
  • Configure OSPF Routing
  • Optimize a Wireless Network
  • Troubleshoot a Serial Connection
  • Restrict Telnet and SSH Access
Routing & Switching Pro

Empowering Training


Help diverse learners build confidence and gain marketable Cisco Admin skills.

Hands-on Practice


Powerful lab simulations truly replicate the IT workplace. It's kind of like an internship.

Multiple Operating
Systems & Software


Give a wide range of lab experiences with Cisco routing and switching devices.

Interactive Work


Up-to-date simulated hardware and software interact with each other, like in the real world.

Cisco CCNA
Exam Preparation


Training and practice exams come together in this effective certification training solution.

Pro Certification


Our certification exam helps students show what they can do, not just what they know.

All course resources are together on our learning platform, LabSim.
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Routing & Switching Pro
Full-Featured Online Learning and Certification Courseware
TestOut Pro Course Benefits for Educators
For Educators
Everything you need to start teaching today
  • Access $200,000+ worth of hardware & software in an office environment
  • Robust prep tools for certification exams
  • Customizable exams & reporting
  • Student-learning activity tracking & progress reporting
  • Adaptable, all-in-one solution, ready to go
  • Fast setup, training, & LMS integration
  • Maps to industry exams and state standards with lesson & pacing plans
  • No extra textbooks, physical labs, resources, or downloads required
TestOut Pro Course Benefits for Students
For Students
Boost grades, certify skills, and leap into IT careers
  • Multi-format training resources adaptable to their learning style
  • Abundant hands-on lab experiences that use industry job scenarios
  • Self-graded labs, exams, and certification practice exams with instant feedback
  • Includes TestOut's 100% performance-based certification voucher
  • Courseware access anywhere, anytime
  • Works on PC, Mac, & Chromebook
  • Shareable digital certification badge
Course Specifications
Course Specifications
  • Lab simulations: 99
  • Video lessons: 153
  • Demonstrations: 97
  • Text lessons: 184
  • Section quizzes: 97
  • Certification practice exams: 5
  • Exam voucher for TestOut’s 100% performance-based certification exam: 1
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IT Educators Are Excited About
TestOut Routing & Switching Pro

"I have used TestOut for over 20 years and I can tell you why with one word - LabSim. TestOut Routing and Switching Pro lends itself so well to any type of delivery. Not only does TestOut Routing and Switching Pro contain all you need to know to pass the exams, it teaches you what you need to know so that when you start your first job, you hit the ground running. LabSim does an excellent job of showing students real-life scenarios with an overall network view that  can’t be duplicated in the classroom. The lesson/videos are spot on. The fact sheets help students acquire new knowledge and vocabulary. The labs are not only real-world, they give the student the confidence they need to tackle any of the skill sets needed to be certified.

In short, TestOut Routing and Switching Pro not only saves you time and money, it will help you elevate any lesson plan and give your students the quality education that employers want, and make them stand out over all the others."

Jack Izbicki - Network Support and Information Technology Instructor
at Lorenzo Walker Technical College

"Want to get up to your neck in Cisco software and technology for routers and switches? If so, I highly recommend the TestOut Routing and Switching Pro course. This course not only covers the content needed to earn your CCNA certification, but it gives you almost 100 different labs that simulate some of the most common network configurations you will find in the industry. Real world, in-depth labs and many practice test questions are just a couple of the reasons you should take this course. I have never seen another training program with such quality virtual labs that TestOut has, that coincide with the objectives of an industry certification, without having to buy expensive equipment to train on. This self paced course will save you time and money. What are you waiting for? Take your IT training to the next level."

S. Trent Stokes - IT & Cybersecurity Department Head
at Bridgerland Technical College

"TestOut Routing and Switching Pro Certification provides my students with hands-on CISCO lab simulations vital to the current industry demands. It further operates as a fantastic resource in concurrence with any CISCO academy and aids in spanning the gap with students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills."

John Moran - Computer Networking Infrastructure Instructor
at The Career Technology Center of Lackawanna County

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