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Hybrid Server Pro: Core
TestOut Pro Certified:
Hybrid Server Pro: Core

Prepares For

  • TestOut Hybrid Server Pro: Core Certification
  • Microsoft AZ-800: Administrating Windows Server Hybrid Core Infrastructure
Help Your Students to Go From the Ground to the Cloud in One Course

TestOut Hybrid Server Pro: Core helps instructors introduce server and networking foundational concepts that bridge the gap as students are introduced to on-premise Windows Server 2022 management and Azure Cloud integration in a hybrid environment. Combining breakthrough simulation technology with effective learning methods, this course helps students become prepared for industry certifications and employment.

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Courseware Included
Icon: TestOut Office Pro
TestOut Office Pro
Essentials in Computer, Internet, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook.
Prepares For
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Office Essentials
  • Word Associate 365
  • Excel Associate 365
  • PowerPoint Associate 365 (MO-310)
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Course Icon
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel®
This courseware trains
on associate to expert
Excel skills.
Prepares For
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Excel® Advanced
  • Excel Associate 365
  • Excel Expert 2019
Icon: TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word®
TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word®
This courseware trains
on associate to expert
Word skills.
Prepares For
  • TestOut Pro Certified: Microsoft Word® Advanced
  • Word Associate 365
  • Word Expert 2019
Key Topics Covered
Teach with interactive videos, fact sheets, lab simulations, and assessments.
On-Prem Win
Server 2022
Cloud and
Manage IP
Active Directory
Manage Servers in
Hybrid Env.
Manage Storage
Manage File
Virtualization and
Net Connectivity

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Instantly Give Hands-On Experience

105 labs on key technologies, such as:

  • Configure a Scope for an Additional Subnet
  • Convert a Zone to Active Directory-integrated
  • Create DHCP Client Reservations
  • Deploy Desktop Shortcuts in a GPO
  • Manage IaaS VMS in Azure that Run Windows Server
  • Assign Azure Policy Guest Configuration

Hybrid Server Pro: Core

Empowering Training


Help diverse learners build confidence and gain in-demand hybrid server skills.

Hands-on Practice


Powerful lab simulations truly replicate the IT workplace. It's kind of like an internship.

Multiple Operating
Systems and Software


Enabling Windows Server 2022 to integrate with cloud servers in a hybrid environment.

Interactive Work


Virtual Microsoft Server labs integrated with a networked office, just like the real world.

Exam Preparation


Training and practice exams come together in this effective certification training solution.

Pro Certification


Our certification exam helps students show what they can do, not just what they know.

All course resources are together on our learning platform, LabSim.
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Hybrid Server Pro: Core
Full-Featured Online Learning and Certification Courseware
TestOut Pro Course Benefits for Educators
For Educators
Everything you need to start teaching today
  • Access $200,000+ worth of hardware & software in an office environment
  • Robust prep tools for certification exams
  • Customizable exams & reporting
  • Student-learning activity tracking & progress reporting
  • Adaptable, all-in-one solution, ready to go
  • Fast setup, training, & LMS integration
  • Maps to industry exams and state standards with lesson & pacing plans
  • No extra textbooks, physical labs, resources, or downloads required
TestOut Pro Course Benefits for Students
For Students
Boost grades, certify skills, and leap into IT careers
  • Multi-format training resources adaptable to their learning style
  • Abundant hands-on lab experiences that use industry job scenarios
  • Self-graded labs, exams, and certification practice exams with instant feedback
  • Includes TestOut's 100% performance-based certification voucher
  • Courseware access anywhere, anytime
  • Works on PC, Mac, & Chromebook
  • Shareable digital certification badge
Course Specifications
Course Specifications
  • Lab simulations: 105
  • Video lessons: 112
  • Demonstrations: 228
  • Text lessons: 143
  • Section quizzes: 104
  • Certification practice exams: 2
  • Exam voucher for TestOut’s 100% performance-based certification exam: 1
  • 12-month access with student support

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TestOut Hybrid Server Pro: Core
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