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TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro teaches students to be aware of network attack strategies and common countermeasures. EHP prepares students to use various penetration testing tools to analyze networks for vulnerabilities. Knowledge of these vulnerabilities also helps students to understand how to counter these vulnerabilities and improve network security.

TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro prepares students for TestOut’s Ethical Hacker Pro certification exam. Ethical Hacker Pro was created in 2019 to align to EC-Council Certified Ethical Hacker V10. EC-Council recently changed their objectives, and we are considering how we will revise the course in 2022.

Target Certifications and Career
TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro course prepares students for IT security jobs and related IT certifications.
Ethical Hacker Pro
 Course Highlights

Everything You Need In One Resource

LabSim includes instructional videos, text lessons, quizzes, and certification exam prep. No additional resources are needed. It also includes real-time reporting features and LMS integration to save instructors' valuable time.

True-to-Life Simulations

The Ethical Hacker LabSim replicates $100,000+ worth of computer hardware and software and challenges students with real-world scenarios. Students who complete the course are prepared with both the knowledge and skills they need to be a successful IT security analyst.

Ethical Hacking Approach

TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro teaches students to perform scans for ports and devices, perform network attacks, implement attack countermeasures, and analyze network traffic, on Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, and Linux operating systems.

Unlimited Certification Practice Exams

TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro includes practice exams for the TestOut Ethical Hacker Pro certification exam and EC Council Ethical Hacker certification exam. Students can build their confidence and testing acumen by practicing as many times as they like.

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