TestOut Pro Certifications
Are Becoming Certificates

As the integration of CompTIA and TestOut continues, TestOut Pro certifications will have a new identity and purpose starting Jan. 2, 2024.
Certifications vs Certificates
CompTIA senior vice president of exam services Carl Bowman discusses the difference between a certification and a certificate.

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CompTIA certifications have long been the standard for validating knowledge and skills related to information technology (IT) job roles. Accredited and widely recognized by employers, CompTIA certifications are developed by industry subject matter experts who work in the job roles validated by the exams.

With CompTIA's acquisition of TestOut, it is important to differentiate between the CompTIA library of accredited professional certifications and the TestOut Pro certifications. TestOut Pro certification exams are high quality, performance-based, and carefully developed. The TestOut Pro certifications have never been formally accredited, however, and they do not incorporate the same rigorous development process and strict exam delivery standards that CompTIA is known for.

There is an important place for TestOut Pro courses and their affiliated exams in the CompTIA credentialing ecosystem. Starting in January, CompTIA will rebrand TestOut Pro courseware and TestOut Pro certification exams to certificate programs and final assessments, a status that better reflects their academic nature and intent. For example, the TestOut PC Pro Certification will become the TestOut PC Pro Certificate, a shift that will be carried out across the TestOut course catalog.

K-12 schools, career and community colleges, and universities that rely on the academic rigor and skill-based nature of TestOut courses and exams will still reap the educational benefits they have come to expect. There are no changes planned to the content or coverage of TestOut courses or exams, or to the way TestOut exams are delivered in LabSim.

As CompTIA expands its effort to become a trusted training and certification partner to IT professionals across their entire careers, TestOut Certificates will provide an important first step on the path to IT career success.


CompTIA certifications are industry-developed and formally accredited. CompTIA delivers high stakes certification exams designed to validate professional experience and verify job-role readiness. TestOut's Pro credentials haver never been formally accredited and the exams were designed to validate knowledge gained through coursework. Rebranding will ensure that the two different types of assessments are aligned with the goals of our customers, and that CompTIA’s certifications continue to have high regard within the industry.

Certificate exams provide reliable, one-time recognition of acquired knowledge or skills. Unlike certification exams, they do not establish a standard for job role performance, but instead focus on the development and recognition of skills.

No. LabSim functionality and course content will not be changed as a result of rebranding. The certificate exams will still be scheduled and proctored by the instructor.  TestOut products will still meet the same high quality learning and assessment standards that instructors have always enjoyed. All that will change is the name of the TestOut Pro products.

Certificate programs are widely recognized within the IT industry as being distinct and separate from certification programs.

No immediate changes to pricing are planned as a result of this rebranding.

Existing certification holders may continue to indicate that they have earned a TestOut Pro certification.

No. Since the new TestOut Pro certificates will only validate course completion, and are no longer linked to job performance, the Skills Guarantee program will no longer be in effect as of Dec. 31, 2023.

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