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TestOut's LabSim courseware is an integrated suite of resources that provides everything you need to prepare your students for certification and a successful career in the IT industry. This includes video instruction and demonstrations, concise text lessons, quizzes and exams to test knowledge, and hands-on labs where you can test them in real-life scenarios.

Test their Skills in Real Scenarios

Test your students in simulated environments with real on-the-job scenarios. We’ve developed advanced simulations with interacting hardware and software that mimic what you would experience in the real-world. This gives your students confidence knowing that they have the skills to actually solve the kinds problems they would face on the job.

Simulated Office Environment
Take a Look Inside

Test out some of the resources available inside of LabSim including video, text lessons, and some of our award-winning hands-on lab simulations as they appear in our PC Pro course.

Video Instruction

This video discusses basic hardware components of a computer system.

Video Instruction

This video discusses the most common ports used by computers.

Text Lesson

This text lesson covers port types and connectors on a computer.

Mobile Devices Not SupportedTestOut's LabSim Courseware is not accessible from a mobile device. Please come back to this page on a Desktop/Notebook/Chromebook in order to access our course samples.

Lab Simulation

Practice working with internal computer components.

Lab Simulation

Show how to setup a
new computer.

Lab Simulation

Show how to set attributes
on files and folders.

What Candidates are Saying

"The toughest thing for me was always figuring out how to give my students multiple hands-on activities. With a class of 30 students, it would take more hardware than we had room for to setup labs for students to work on, not to mention the time required to re-break after a student completed a lab! Testout was the answer to all of my issues! The incredible simulations give my students the opportunity to work through real life problems in a perfectly simulated environment."

TJ Thoss, M.Ed. Instructor
Orange Technical College

"TestOut is an invaluable resource for my students. I am using more TestOut products for my classes each year. I see the value of having students be able to review lecture and demonstration videos and repeat complex, pre-built labs from anywhere, as many times as they want. We still do many hands-on, physical labs, but some things we just couldn't do because of the physical equipment needed. That's where TestOut's simulations really shine!"

Paul W. Benfield Instructor
Lakeshore Technical College

"TestOut has given our students the certification/validation they need to leap ahead of the competition when it comes to job and career readiness and securing employment."

Karen Tyburski Instructor
Westfield Technical Academy

"TestOut in the classroom keeps the students engaged, prepares them for hands on work, and also allows me to do much more individualized instruction which helps the students meet and exceed the standards."

Nate Jalbert Instructor
Lewiston Regional Technical Center

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