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Watch live and recorded webinars on LabSim Training or Learning Management System (LMS) Integration

Your journey to a smooth Implementation begins here.

Individual/Group Trainings
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Course Pacing Guides Weekly Breakdowns
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Individual/Group Trainings

We provide one-on-one and group trainings to help you take full advantage of the resources inside of LabSim for your specific course. We feel that as an instructor you have more important things to prepare for and concentrate on than spending time learning a new program.

While LabSim software is quite intuitive, taking a brief training session will certainly cut the time you spend learning and reviewing. Also why not start off right and learn tips from a LabSim specialist.

Invest in a little training time now so that you can more quickly focus on what matters most, your students!

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Sr. Technical Product Trainer
Stevie has been with TestOut for over 15 years. She enjoys working with TestOut customers, helping them learn about LabSim navigation, course features, class reports, custom exams and anything LabSim related. She assists hundreds of instructors and administrators every year.

LMS Integrations

We can help you get set up and running with your school’s LMS. Single-sign-on (SSO) and grade return is even easier with our partnership with some of the industry’s top Learning Management Systems.

Our courseware has been developed to integrate with the industry’s most popular LMS platforms as well as any LTI 1.1 compliant LMS. We've developed step-by-step helps and resources to make the most of your TestOut courses using your school's LMS.

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course pacing guides

We can help you fit our products into your semester or term schedule. We have course pacing guides that allow you to pick how many weeks you teach your class and what topics/subjects you cover in your class.

After making a few selections, the course pacing guide shows which chapters and sections you could cover each week in order to properly pace the learning. The pacing guide can also be saved and built into your semester or term schedule.

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Gregory Shaffer

Director of Customer Success

Seth Palmer

LMS Integration Tech Support

Ken Clark

Implementation Manager

Stevie George

Sr. Technical Product Trainer