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Desktop Pro Plus Courseware

TestOut Desktop Pro Plus is an all-in-one online learning solution. It has everything a student needs to learn the basics of computers and Microsoft Office 2016 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and Outlook. Multiple learning activities, including the virtual hands-on labs, are designed to develop proficiency in Microsoft Office skills. The course is uniquely designed to improve student confidence resulting in higher test scores and academic and career success.

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Target Skills and Certifications

The TestOut Desktop Pro course prepares for the following application skills and certification.

Target Applications

Microsoft Word Microsoft Excel Microsoft PowerPoint Microsoft Access NEWMicrosoft Outlook

TestOut Desktop Pro Plus Course Highlights

Learning Methodology with Real Results

Desktop Pro Plus features learning methodology that produces real results. After following our course methodology (videos, labs, and end of chapter tests), schools have reported that their class performance improved and their classes averaged 80% or better on combined tests of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Comprehensive Practice Labs

Desktop Pro Plus course provides three labs types to help students truly master the skills taught in this course. Through skills labs, students learn how to perform a task. Through challenge labs, they build mastery of the skill. Through applied labs, they can prove competency.

Automated Assessment and Grading

Our exams and labs are automatically graded, and students are able to see how well they performed on each task. This saves instructors time and effort. Our grading is fast and easy and gives students multiple paths to correct answers.

Instructor Resources and Support

In order to support our instructors, Desktop Pro Plus comes with various teaching resources such as teaching slides, sample documents, and capstone project assignments. In addition, our friendly and committed support team provides whatever help you need as quickly as possible.

Everything You Need in One Resource

In addition to in-depth computer lab simulation, the TestOut Desktop Pro Plus course also includes instructional videos, text lessons, quizzes, and certification exam prep. No additional resources are needed. It also includes real-time scoring and LMS integration to save instructors' valuable time.

Course Specifications

  • Simulation labs: 189
  • Video lessons: 181 (10:31:59)
  • Text lessons: 125
  • Certification practice exams: 7
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