TestOut Courseware Accessibility Information

As the primary international standards body, the World-wide Web Consortium (W3C) periodically issues guidelines for making web-based content accessible to all users, including those with disabilities. Their current set of guidelines, WCAG 2.0, was issued in late 2008 and adopted as an ISO standard in October of 2012. The governments of many world nations, including Australia, the EU, Canada, the United States, Colombia and Israel, have adopted these guidelines, either officially or in nearly identical policy statements of their own.

TestOut Corporation is committed to providing effective online learning resources via its LabSim-based courseware in order to help learners develop employable IT skills, including functionality that assists users with disabilities.

Following are some of the accessibility features in TestOut’s LabSim online learning platform:

  • Extended time setting for timed exercises
  • Closed captioning support for videos, including the ability to customize closed captioning to best fit individual needs
  • Display of interactive text scripts during video presentation
  • Text lessons
  • Text for lab simulation solution steps
  • Text-based glossary of terms
  • Print option for custom exams
  • Print option for all text-based course materials

TestOut continues to plan and develop solutions based on feedback from contacts around the world.  If you have additional requests or feedback, or are looking for additional accommodations, please contact your Account Executive.

The following chart outlines the WCAG 2.0 guidelines for levels A and AA and indicates where TestOut complies, what features are under development, and how available third-party solutions may address the guidelines:

WCAG 2.0 checklist Level A

Level A Guideline Compliance Summary Comments
1.1.1 - Non-text Content Check Box Provide text alternatives for non-text content Yes for videos (closed captioning); Images in lessons are described in text
1.2.1 – Audio-only and Video-only (Pre-recorded) N/A Provide an alternative to video-only and audio-only content N/A
1.2.2 – Captions (Pre-recorded) Check Box Provide captions for videos with audio Yes
1.2.3 – Audio Description or Media Alternative (Pre-recorded) Check Box Video with audio has a second alternative Yes
1.3.1 – Info and Relationships Check Box Logical structure Yes
1.3.2 – Meaningful Sequence Check Box Present content in a meaningful order Yes
1.3.3 – Sensory Characteristics Check Box Use more than one sense for instructions Yes in general, except for lab simulations
1.4.1 – Use of Colour Check Box Don’t use presentation that relies solely on color Yes, not available for some hardware features such as cabling color
1.4.2 – Audio Control Check Box Don’t play audio automatically Yes
2.1.1 – Keyboard N/A Accessible by keyboard only Due to the hands-on nature of lab simulations, LabSim is not accessible by keyboard only
2.1.2 – No Keyboard Trap N/A Don’t trap keyboard users N/A
2.2.1 – Timing Adjustable Check Box Time limits have user controls Yes, there is a variable time control between 1.5x to 3x the time. There is no time limit
2.2.2 – Pause, Stop, Hide Check Box Provide user controls for moving content Yes
2.3.1 – Three Flashes or Below Check Box No content flashes more than three times per second Yes
2.4.1 – Bypass Blocks Check Box Provide a ‘Skip to Content’ link Yes
2.4.2 – Page Titled Check Box Use helpful and clear page titles Yes
2.4.3 – Focus Order Check Box Logical order Yes
2.4.4 – Link Purpose (In Context) Check Box Every link’s purpose is clear from its context Yes
3.1.1 – Language of Page Check Box Page has a language assigned Yes, all content displays in one language; however, user can toggle from one language to another.
3.2.1 – On Focus Check Box Elements do not change when they receive focus Yes
3.2.2 – On Input Check Box Elements do not change when they receive input Yes
3.3.1 – Error Identification Check Box Clearly identify input errors Yes, except for lab simulated labs
3.3.2 – Labels or Instructions Check Box Label elements and give instructions Yes
4.1.1 – Parsing Check Box No major code errors Yes
4.1.2 – Name, Role, Value Partially Compliant Build all elements for accessibility Partially compliant

WCAG 2.0 checklist Level AA

Level AA Guideline Compliance Summary Comments
1.2.4 – Captions (Live) N/A Live videos have captions N/A
1.2.5 – Audio Description (Pre-recorded) Check Box Users have access to audio description for video content


1.4.3 – Contrast (Minimum) Check Box Contrast ratio between text and background is at least 4.5:1 Yes, contrast ratio is 6.25.1 for text lessons, which is a AAA compliant
1.4.4 – Resize Text Check Box Text can be resized to 200% without loss of content or function Yes
1.4.5 – Images of Text Check Box Don’t use images of text Yes
2.4.5 – Multiple Ways Check Box Offer several ways to find pages Yes
2.4.6 – Headings and Labels Check Box Use clear headings and labels Yes
2.4.7 – Focus Visible N/A Ensure keyboard focus is visible and clear LabSim is not accessible by keyboard only
3.1.2 – Language of Parts N/A Tell users when the language on a page changes N/A, all content displays in one language; however, user can toggle from one language to another.
3.2.3 – Consistent Navigation Check Box Use menus consistently Yes
3.2.4 – Consistent Identification Check Box Use icons and buttons consistently Yes
3.3.3 – Error Suggestion Partially Compliant Suggest fixes when users make errors Partially Compliant
3.3.4- Error Prevention (Legal, Financial, Data) N/A Reduce the risk of input errors for sensitive data

LabSim does not store legal or financial data