Pro Exams Overview
Prove you have the skills
TestOut's mission is to make a difference in a person's life. Making a difference means providing products and services that help you build real confidence and skills to:
Get a job
Excel at your job
Advance your career
A Key Factor for Success
We believe there are several key factors in a successful IT career, including:
  • Education
  • Training
  • Internships or experience
  • Certification
There are multiple IT certifications that help IT students to obtain employment. TestOut Pro certification is one of these key certifications because they measure a person's ability to apply their education, training, and experience, not just what they know.
Key Features of TestOut Pro Exams
  • Innovative IT skill simulation technology developed by TestOut Corporation. Learn more.
  • Focus on measuring real-world skills.
  • 100% skill-based evaluation (cognitive and behavioral).
  • Online exam delivery.
  • Scientifically analyzed and validated.
Measure what matters
TestOut Pro certification exams focus on assessing the skills that really matter when you begin a job. We can measure someone's ability to complete IT tasks on four different levels: general knowledge, knowledge about skills, skill performance, and analytical performance. TestOut Pro exams primarily measure skill performance.
General Knowledge
General knowledge and understanding required in a specific professional field.
Knowledge about Skills
Knowledge and understanding required to perform a task in a specific professional field.
Skill Performance
Ability to perform a task in a specific professional field
Analytical Performance
Ability to analyze and evaluate a problem or situation, make an appropriate decision, and implement a solution
Product Lines
TestOut offers two certification product lines: TestOut IT Skills Certifications and TestOut Computer Skills Certifications.