Server Pro 2016: Networking
Exam Objectives

TestOut Server Pro 2016: Networking Exam Objectives

Domain Name Service

  • Install and Configure DNS
    • Install and configure forwarders
    • Configure Root Hints
    • Configure DNSSEC
    • Configure DNS Socket Pool
    • Configure delegated administration
    • Configure DNS logging
    • Configure Global Settings
  • Create and configure DNS zones and records
    • Create and configure DNS zones
    • Create and configure stub zones
    • Create and configure DNS records
    • Configure zone scavenging

Network Management

  • Install and configure DHCP
    • Install and authorize DHCP servers
    • Configure DHCP scopes and options
    • Configure DHCP exclusions and reservations
    • Create and configure superscopes
    • Configure DHCP Relay Agent
    • Configure high availability using DHCP failover
    • Troubleshoot DHCP
  • Implement Routing
    • Enable LAN routing
    • Implement NAT

IP Address Management

  • Configure TCP/IP
    • Configure IPv4 settings
    • Configure IPv6 settings
  • Implement IPAM
    • Configure server discovery
    • Create and Manage IP blocks and ranges
    • Manage DHCP server properties using IPAM
    • Manage DNS server properties using IPAM
    • Delegate administration for DNS and DHCP using RBAC

Direct and Remote Access

  • Implement Direct Access
    • Install and configure DirectAccess
  • Implement Remote Access
    • Enable Remote Access
    • Implement Virtual Private Network (VPN)
    • Configure a VPN server
    • Install and configure NPS
    • Configure RADIUS
    • Create a Network Access Policy

Network Services

  • Implement Distributed File Systems
    • Install and configure Distributed File System (DFS)
  • Implement Branch Office Solutions
    • Enable and configure BranchCache
  • Implement Advanced Networking Solutions
    • Implement NIC Teaming
    • Enable and configure Receive Side Scaling (RSS)
    • Enable and configure Virtual Machine Multi-Queue (VMMQ)
    • Determine deployment scenarios for SDN
    • Determine deployment scenarios for HNV
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