Server Pro 2016: Identity
Exam Objectives

TestOut Server Pro 2016: Identity Exam Objectives

Active Directory Domain Services

  • Manage Active Directory
    • Backup and restore Active Directory
    • Manage a Read Only Domain Controller (RODC)
    • Raise functional levels
    • Raise the domain and/or forest levels
  • Manage Active Directory sites
    • Configure sites
    • Manage sites, subnets, and site links
  • Manage Active Directory replication
    • Configure intrasite replication
    • Configure intersite replication
  • Manage Flexible Single-Master Operation (FSMO) roles and global catalog servers
    • Configure global catalog servers
    • Transfer RID and PDC masters
    • Transfer infrastructure masters
    • Troubleshoot operations masters
    • Enable Universal Group Membership Caching (UGMC)
  • Manage Active Directory trusts
    • Design trusts
    • Create forest root, cross-forest, external, shortcut, and realm trusts

Active Directory Objects

  • Manage organizational units
    • Create organizational units (OUs)
    • Delete organizational units (OUs)
  • Manage computers
    • Create computer accounts
  • Manage Active Directory user accounts
    • Create user accounts
    • Manage user accounts
  • Manage groups
    • Create global groups
    • Create a distribution group
    • Change the group scope
    • Implement a group strategy

Group Policy

  • Manage Group Policy objects (GPOs)
    • Control GPO inheritance
    • Configure a password replication policy
    • Import a GPO
    • Backup a GPO
    • Restore a GPO
  • Deploy software using group policy
    • Assign software
    • Deploy software
    • Deploy desktop shortcuts
  • Manage group policies
    • Delegate administrative control
    • Configure browser settings in a GPO
    • Configure power options in a GPO
  • Manage security policies
    • Configure security settings with group policy
    • Configure password settings with group policy

Certificate Services and Rights Management Services

  • Install and configure certificates
    • Manage certificates
    • Manage certificate revocation
    • Configure templates for autoenrollment
    • Enable autoenrollment for the domain
    • Create certificates for smart cards
    • Require smart cards for logon
  • Manage AD RMS
    • Configure AD RMS templates
    • Configure AD RMS exclusions
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