Ethical Hacker Pro
Exam Objectives

Ethical Hacker Pro Exam Domains and Objectives


    Perform reconnaissance
    • Perform reconnaissance with operating system tools
    • Perform reconnaissance with hacking tools
    Perform scanning
    • Scan for network devices
    • Discover wireless devices
    • Scan for IoT devices
    • Detect operating systems and applications
    • Identify open ports
    • Scan for vulnerabilities
    Perform enumeration
    • Enumerate network resources
    • Enumerate users and groups
    • Enumerate device information
    • Enumerate services and applications
    • Enumerate DNS

Gain Access

    Obtain login credentials
    • Crack passwords
    • Use Social Engineering
    Gain administrative access and escalate privileges
    • Gain access through a backdoor
    • Escalate privileges
    • Hijack a web session
    Gain access by cracking
    • Obtain credentials through sniffing
    • Crack Wi-Fi devices


    Perform passive online attacks
    • Examine hidden web form fields
    • Conduct a man-in-the-middle attack
    • Implement a replay attack
    Perform active online attacks
    • Perform an SQL injection
    • Execute a DoS or DDoS attack
    Perform infrastructure attacks
    • Attack a web server
    • Access wireless networks
    • Attack mobile devices
    • Access IoT
    • Evade firewalls, IDSs, and honeypots

Cover Up

    Cover up access
    • Disable auditing
    • Clear logs
    • Remove or hide files and folders
    • Change MAC address

Defend a System

    Defend systems and devices
    • Hide a web server banner broadcast
    • Configure rogue host protection
    • Secuure mobile devices
    • Configure account policies and account control
    Implement defensive systems
    • Implement an Intrusion Detection System (IDS)
    • Create a honeypot
    • Prevent DNS zone transfer
    Scan for vulnerabilities
    • Scan for vulnerabilities on Windows or Linux systems
    • Scan for vulnerabilities on servers, wireless devices, and appliances
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