Switching Pro Objectives

TestOut Switching Pro Exam Objectives

Switch Setup and Configuration

  • View switch configuration information
  • Configure switch hostnames and interface descriptions
  • Configure switch banners
  • Manage switch configuration files
  • Manage switch IOS files

Switch Interface Configuration

  • View directly-connected network devices using CDP
  • Manage the CPD configuration
  • Configure interface speed and duplex settings
  • View the status of switch interfaces

TCP/IP Configuration

  • Configure switch TCP/IP settings
  • Troubleshoot LAN communications

VLAN Configuration

  • View information about VLANs configured on a switch
  • Manage default VLAN configuration settings
  • Configure VLANs on a switch
  • Use trunking to extend VLAN to multiple switches
  • Troubleshoot VLAN issues
  • Troubleshoot trunking issues

InterVLAN Routing

  • Configure interVLAN routing
  • Troubleshoot interVLAN routing issues

Spanning Tree Configuration

  • View STP configuration information
  • Manually configure a switch as a root bridge
  • Configure Rapid PVST+
  • Troubleshoot STP issues

Switch Security

  • Restrict access to a switch
  • Configure switch passwords
  • Disable switch interfaces
  • Enable switch port security
  • Configure remote access to a switch using SSH

EtherChannel Configuration

  • Configure EtherChannel using PAGP
  • Configure EtherChannel using LACP
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