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Help students build real confidence
TestOut Pro certifications measure your students' ability to perform real-world IT tasks. By using our innovative simulation technology, your students can prove that they really know how to do their job. Passing our exams boosts their confidence to enter the workforce with the skills they need to get the job done.
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Help students get employed
Getting a job is not easy because there is always competition. Having the right certification can strengthen your students' resumes and differentiate them from other candidates. They might even receive better pay because they have proven their skills and their willingness to go the extra mile through certification.
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Assess student achievement
With TestOut Pro certifications, teachers and administrators have access to individual, class, school, and national level exam reports. These reports allow you to compare your classes and schools with state or national averages. TestOut Pro certification gives you a standardized way of evaluating the performance of your students.
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Enjoy a cost-effective solution
The cost of TestOut Pro certification is included with our training courseware. Our training prepares students for key IT certifications, including TestOut Pro certifications. By bundling training and certification, we provide the most cost-effective solution. Also, you can administer our exam at your school, so there is no proctoring fee. Delivering our exam is simple and easy. All you need is a web browser with access to the Internet.
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